Precast panels have been used around the world over 50-60 years. But it is mainly used in construction of low-rise to medium-rise buildings (from 10 to 15 floors). Australia is considered as a pioneer country in the world in using precast panels in high-rise partment building construction. We have designed and built successfully dozens of apartment buildings using precast panels around Australia. Especially a project with 50 floors is being designed by us. This would be the highest apartment building in the word using precast panels.


Precast panels is a revolutionary solution in structural engineering of buildings. It is specially used in construction of apartment buildings from low-rise to medium-rise and high-rise. It utilizing advantages of each member of building to save cost and onstruction time.

The precast panels as main vertical bearing members together with lift shaft as horizontal bearing ones create a stable structural system of the buildings. Beams and columns are generally avoided. The stability of the whole structures has been approved over the last 20 years in Australia. The results are cost effective, high quality project that can be built very quickly, simply and efficiently.


  • 30% - 50% quicker construction;
  • 20% - 30% cheaper construction of structures;
  • 50% less steel reinforcement in walls versus insitu;
  • 25% less concrete;
  • No beams and columns;
  • No leaks;
  • No tiles, use of applied finishes;
  • Cooler in Summer, warmer in Winter;
  • Acoustic isolation between apartments;
  • No scaffolding required;
  • Larger spans between walls (11 meters no
    problems) – post tensioning
  • No maintenance;
  • Labour moves from the site into the factory;
  • Simpler onsite coordination of services.

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